Make Your Own Women's Martin Style Airspace Boots

Check out these make your own women's Martin-style canvas sectional airspace boots! We can customize these with the airspace of your choice from a sectional or IFR chart! These look pretty cool!

• Made from Nylon-canvas.
• Translucent raw rubber or black sole.
• Lace-up combat style boot featuring ribbed midsole.
• Breathable foamed insole, anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion.
• Mesh fabric and foamed lining, soft wearing and comfortable.
• Rear pull-loop.
• Single-welt contrast stitching.


Black Sole
Brown Sole
Please enter the 3 or 4 letter airport code you would like the product focused on.
If you choose an inverted color, please provide additional details such as favorite colors so we can design them appropriately!

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